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In Ludovico Corrao’s mind (Orestiadi founder, Lowyer, Politician, Art Collector 1927-2011) the Orestiadi represented an ideal bridge between Sicily, Africa and the Middle East. The Festival celebrates a rebirth of a territory destroyed after 1968 earthquake. An inspired encounter among local and international artists and disciplines working together to return dignity and identity to Gibellina and its inhabitants. This year, like every year since 1981 the festival will take place at Baglio Di Stefano and at Cretto di Burri in the Old town of Gibellina. The Orestiadi probably represents the highest example of art&cultural event in Trapani Province. Don’t miss it if you have planned to spend your Summer holidays in western Sicily. The festival will be held from June till the end of July. Please find attached the event program: http://www.fondazioneorestiadi.it/orestiadifestival/programma.html.