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You are going on a trip to Sicily and want to visit Trapani? Wondering about the best points of interest? That’s a good thing, there is a lot to discover around!

In order to help you plan your trip, have a look to the Video of the city and its surroundings and take notes. 

1. Trapani old town (Ligny Tower area, the Fish Market, Agostino Pepoli Regional Museum, The Twin Clock Tower, Purgatoory Church etc..If you’re a shopping lover, you will for sure enjoy the Via Giovanni Battista Fardella, the main shopping street of the city).

2. Erice Village (take a cable car from Trapani to Erice. This medieval village offers a magnificent view of Trapani, the Aegadian Islands and San Vito Lo Capo).

3. Favignana (Cala Rossa, Lido Burrone, Cala Azzurra, Cala Rotonda).

4. Levanzo (This quiet little island is the perfect place to relax and rest. There is no road in Levanzo, hence no sound pollution from cars. Trekking, seaside walk, swimming, sunbathing, diving and aperitif! Visit the  Genovese prehistoric cave, housing representations of people and animals dating almost 10 000 years back)

5. Marettimo (In Marettimo you can enjoy the calm and sunshine or go swimming in magnificent coves. You can also book a boat trip to visit the many karst caves in the area. It’s also a great destination if you enjoy hiking, with many trails offering superb views. Punta Troia Castle is a must!

6. Trapani and Paceco salt pans (Don’t miss the salt road or via del sale in Italian. The view of the salt piles and old windmills (used to grind salt) reflected in the water is simply magnificent.)

7. Marsala (Mothia & Stagnone Lagoon). The road from Trapani to Marsala provides amazing views of the local saltworks with its panels of mirror-like water held by thin strips of earth, windmills and pinkish flamencos. The Stagnone Lagoon is also an International Kitefurfing/Windsurfing Spot for water sports Lovers.

8. Segesta Temple (This ancient city was founded by the Elymes. It has suffered many armed conflicts, notably with the neighbouring city of Selinunte. Today, all that remains is a temple and a theatre.)

9. Mount Cofano Nature Reserve & grotta mangia Pane (The walk begins on a pleasant flat path along the seaside. Going to the other side of the reserve takes about 1h30 (3hrs round trip) and there are many many nice viewpoints along he way, and you will be able to swim in some coves. Don’t forget to take water, a hat and sunscreen as there is no shade at all and nowhere to buy anything).

10. Grotta Mangiapane (The cave is an open air museum that demonstrates rural life in Sicily through this village in the middle of 20th century. Great experience together with kids. Each resident had specific skills and their tiny houses. There are houses for a miller, baker, candlestick maker, barrel maker (coopers), wine makers, barbers, fish driers, pottery repairers and much more).

11. Trapani’s beaches (Lido San Giuliano, about twenty minutes’ walk from the city center. You can find bars & restaurants there. You will be able to rent deckchairs and beach umbrella for the day or enjoy a day in the public beach).

12. Zingaro Nature Reserve (Going to the Zingaro is the perfect day trip if you enjoy hiking next to the sea. You can alternate walking and swimming in beautiful coves the whole day)

13. Selinunte Temples (Selinunte was one of the most important of the Greek colonies in Sicily. There are several temple remains spread over different areas that overlook the sea. The archaeological site contains five temples centered on an acropolis. The place is really beautiful and ideal for a family tour!)